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where do i start feeding babies solids

where do i start feeding babies solids infant weaning

when baby is ready for solids Remember that solids given to a baby represent a replacement for milk and are an addition to the baby's previous total consumption. Milk is easy to digest and goes through a baby's system fairly rapidly; solids take longer. The result is that the number of feedings per day can probably be reduced by one, once the baby is on solids. A parent usually chooses the least convenient feeding time as the one to be dropped-generally the A.M. feeding.

There are many signs to tell a parent when a baby needs more than merely milk. A baby is ready for solids when he or she:

  • wakes during the night demanding to be fed, having previously for some time slept right through every night without complaint;
  • gains only one or two ounces (30 or 60 grams), or nothing at all, during a week;
  • seems restless between feedings during the day and wakes up crying too soon before each feeding;
  • is no longer satisfied by an eight-ounce (240ml) bottle, or, if breast-fed, interrupts nursing and plucks at the mother's clothing, trying to chew it;
  • shows a readiness to chew by picking up objects and trying to put them in the mouth.

A baby's first solid food should consist of a single cereal. Begin with only one teaspoonful of the new food at one mealtime, gradually introducing new foods and flavors over a period of weeks. In subsequent weeks, single pureed fruits and vegetables may be added.also a point to remember once on solids babys nappy changing will change and the aroma as different foods are introduced .

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