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i have a colicy baby is it normal for babies to have colic

i have a colicy baby is it normal for babies to have colic

clingy baby suspecting colic? Since colic in babies is considered as normal, mothers are well advised to know about colic remedies that they can apply in case their babies would have its attack. Likewise, mothers should also know how to determine if their babies are crying and wailing due to colic or something else.  Usually, there are three reasons why healthy babies wail and cry.  The first is they are hungry and need to be fed. The second reason is they are wet and need to be changed with dry diapers. The third is they are under colicky attack.

Naturally, mothers won’t have any problem with the first and second reasons why babies cry.  Their problems and woes would be when their babies would cry and wail because of this disease. There are times when pediatricians would suggest colic remedies such as feeding babies with Soya milk specially formulated for babies to minimize it. Besides this Soya formulation, mothers would also be advised to take care not to use feeding bottles with used nipples having stretched holes on them. This precaution is to prevent babies from sucking a lot of air during feeding time that could aggravate their disease.  These are some of the colic remedies for mothers with babies feeding from milk bottles.

For babies who are breastfeed, their disease can develop through their mothers. If the mothers are fond of eating foods that cause gas to develop in their intestines, then naturally, since their babies are feeding from them, these nutrients that are gas producers would be ingested by babies that would eventually result to this disease.  As a preventive measure, mothers should learn to shun away from gas producing foods during the time they are breastfeeding their babies.

Colic in babies is a natural occurrence and there is actually no medicine for it.  What mothers should do is accept it and find some reliable guides to cure if not minimize its occurrence to their babies.  Eventually, as babies grow older, colic will gradually disappear from their bodies.  It is said that babies with this disease are healthy babies.  However, when it comes to colic remedies the most used way in making the child stop from wailing and crying is through the natural way – cradling them in their mothers’ arms with their mothers singing for them melodies to make them forget about their disease.

Giving baby’s warm baths with aroma essential oils would be another colic remedies that mothers can make use of.  It is said that babies respond favorably to aromatic scents of essential oils when used during their warm baths. This kind of colic remedy would make them fresh and more comfortable to minimize the discomforts.why not visit your local surestart for health advice on babies.


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