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6 ways in which you can help your baby learn 12-18months

You can help your adventurous baby to learn age 12-18 months.
Article written by Sheila Sudlow of Cheeky Chums(copyright on this article. Nursery Nurse students may copy and use for college assignments by permission only email for permission)


In this series of articles we will focus on enriching play activities you can do with your baby-child to stimulate learning in a safe, fun way in a home environment and in a cost effective way for families on all budgets.



1. First words and talking will start to happen with your baby at approx 12 months. Talking to your baby at every opportunity repeating single words over and over again will emphasize first words such as Ta, Bye Bye All gone, more etc.

Reading Stories encourages language development. You baby�s brain is like a sponge at this age soaking up information. Encourage little singing together rhymes too.

2. Empty biscuit tins, lids upside down, wooden spoons, banging lids making noise, sounds encourage baby to experiment. Baby will also be developing hand eye co-ordination and creativity.

3. Providing dolls and teddy bears as baby begins to walk they will start to carry around dolls etc

4. Push and pull along toys are good for this age as well as shape sorters,

5. Building with colorful wooden bricks a stack of 3 bricks and more. Try to get your baby to copy you as you build one first.

6. Thick chunky crayons and a piece of paper baby will start to make marks on the paper. Developing early writing skills.
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