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Premature Birth my infant was looked after in NICU

Premature Birth my infant was looked after in NICU

The birth of a baby should be a wonderful experience for parents but sometimes when baby is born early emotions run high and it may not be the outcome you expected of holding your baby for the first time in your arms.

If you had a premature birth and your infant is very early you may not get a chance to hold little one because its more important to have a check over, The pediatrician assess what care needs baby may have immediately.Infants  may be whisked away so fast you don't even get chance to see your tiny infant but for a moment.

Meeting your infant as its being cared for in the NICU can be a little daunting at first.You may feel guilty that its your fault that baby was born too early.You may feel scared not wanting to touch baby in case you hurt him or her with a slight touch.You may be so scared of loosing baby so fear takes hold and you avoid going down to the neonatal intensive care at all costs.

You must be strong as it can be overwhelming seeing baby in the NICU for the first time.Your infant will miss your voice and will find it soothing as you sing a lullaby or talking to or holding a finger even. Once baby is settled on the unit you can start to become a mum in the simplest of ways such as doing baby's care needs, bringing in baby's own tiny blanket from home  that he or she owns,putting a little teddy bear and cards at the side of the cot and once you are discharged start to take baby's laundry home to wash.

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