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Baby to Child anti-bullying-campaign at Cheeky Chums.

Cheeky Chums have been asked to be featured in a book about child  bullying. More articles will be written on this topic to help parents discover at the soonest possible time a child is being bullied (which can soon become out of control) and how to deal with these sensitive issues that are posing more suicides amongst older children and teenagers.
When does bullying start? Baby? Child? Toddlers go through a stage where they dont want to share  toys it's mine or they snatch toys of other children by the ag eof threee they learn to share as part of their social development usually within family siblings or peers at nursery.Bullying can even start at this age as children can be really nasty to each other by saying" im not your friend" and or "go away i dont want to play with you " but with kind words from the nursery teacher or family member usually at this age children do not really understand the implications of the other child being really down in the dumps about it and so they gradually learn differences between races disability creed etc and eventually all play together by the time they are at reception class.
Children of today in the year 2010 are much more brass, confident,back chat at an earlier age to parents, seem cocky, grown up, in fact that they dont seem to be children at all for very long.
The pressure society puts on our children of today has further implications of children wanting to grow up to soon.Children in early infant classes start to bully other children so any incident no matter how small should be reported to the teacher. a child that lacks self confidence and self esteem is likely to become sensitve to bullying more easily.

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