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what have you got at home incase your baby's sick with an infection ?

what have you got at home incase your baby or child is sick and has an infection ?

what first aid equipment and baby medicines do you have in your own medicine cabinet just in case baby has an infection.

here is a shortlist you should thing about even if your local shop is hard or easy to get to.

For babys and children: relevant age medicine calpol and ibuprofen.calpol isn't always effective on its own but it can be used at the same time as ibuprofen.It helps to bring a childs temperature down and eases pain when a child has and infection of some kind.Children can go into a convulsion if a temperature gets way to high.

Ice its always good to have a bag of ice or an ice pack. frozen peas is just as good wrapped in a towel it can bring down swellings on a sprained ankle etc. 

Plasters, kids fall even toddlers at somepoint will get brased knees a plaster kisses a sore better aids healing and stops germs get into the wound and cause an infection. thermometer forehead ones are good as kids and babys can't keep still .Calamine lotion good for rashes such as chicken pox they itch then kids scratch, removed scabs with fingers means scars forever use scratch mittens on young babies, if they too get chicken pox.My son was 5 weeks old when he got them.So even tiny babies can get them at this young age. Nit lotion and a nit comb for head lice.children of school age will bring them home at somepoint use on the whole family at the weekend then bingo they are ready for school on monday, tea tree oil shampoo is good as headlice dont like it.

Hot water bottle good for earache infection which kids find very painful wrap a towel around the hot water bottle filled with hot water and let them put it to the side of their head.

Teething gel for babies, gripe water to ease tummy ache in babies.First aid kit. netdoctor as a general illness guide to easing the pain drug free

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