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premature baby information how a premature birth effects families

 premature baby birth how it effects a mum and dad

premature baby birth is not always expected especially if mum delivers for the first time unexpectedly. It can often seem like a blur as things happen so fast. Depending on what age baby is delivered at determines what level of care they often need in a special care setting. For instance a baby born at 24 weeks will need the highest level of nursing care in the Nicu. But a premature baby born at 35 weeks may not need as much assistance from an incubator . Often mum and dad have a quick glimpse of their baby before its taken to the special care baby unit. Mum may see baby again later that day or in a day or too after she is fit enough after the birth

when a premature baby is in special care it can effect the mental health of the parents and believe it or not PTSD can set in. The shock of a fast delivery seeing all the wires attached to baby in an incubator in the neonatal unit. Not being able to do anything hardly except stroke a finger or sit next to an incubator. It can take its toll mentally on parents. there is good support offered at the hospital by the nursing staff and consultants as they deal with this every day.  there is also a website called BLiSS. it has so much information on and support for other families going through this after a premature birth delivery.

5 ways you can help reduce stress by your premature baby being in the nicu


1.If you are too poorly to take photos yourself after your baby is whisked off to the intensive care unit. Get someone else to do it for you,remember to takes lots and lots of baby pictures in the N.I.C.U.

Not only to treasure baby memories from day one, but to help keep your mind off the fact you will be so frustrated that you cannot hold and cuddle your newborn baby just yet.


2.Try to be involved in the care of your early baby, as soon as the hospital staff say you can do. Not only will it help you bond with baby, but you will feel more in control in some of the care that you can give your ever so tiny baby.Helping to relieve some of the stress caused by traumatic early birth.Plus seeing your little one connected to all the wires etc in the N.I.C.U. room.


  1. Don't bottle up your feelings, nurses can give you good moral support when you need it as well as talking to your partner or other members of your family.You will feel a lot better by sharing your built up emotions with others. The whole experience of having a premature sized infant can leave you with feeling out of your depth.


4.keep an Early Baby Diary.Record every moment good or bad.every milestone your baby reaches as it is one step further to you taking him/her Finally home.


5.Talk to other mums on the ward. You may be surprised, as well other new mums sharing their experience with you,and giving each other moral support, it also can be a way of generating new friends with mums of premature babies,which could even develop lifelong friendships between your premature children.


What to expect If your baby arrives early, small for dates, have a poorly newborn and in need of specialist neonatal care.

 Because they are preterm i.e. born before 37 weeks other reasons for admission may be feeding problems, infections, low blood sugar levels or birth defects and abnormalities needing urgent care.

what is the SCBU ?

There 321 maternity hospitals in the UK. Most have SCBU (special care baby units) some also have Nicu and scbu.Depending on the needs of your baby at the time and which hospital can meet these particular needs may result in your baby being transferred to another hospital.

Tests on my premature baby what for ?

Whilst in the special care baby unit your baby may need to have round the clock nursing care to help with Oxygen level tests, Blood tests, Monitoring, Xrays, Scans etc and will have a variety of nursing staff in their specialist field to assist in the direct care of your baby.

What type of special care is available for prem or poorly babies?


Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU).

 For the most critically ill of babies. For example making sure tiny organs are working efficiently with the need of artificial means if necessary until baby is a little stronger.
High Dependency Care.(HD)

 For babies who are not critically ill but still need complex care and treatment. 
Special  Care (SC).

 For well babies who are catching up on growth and development after a premature birth, or those who are getting better and preparing their little bodies ready to go home.

 To see  specifically designed baby clothes for the special care baby units 




Dressing your Premature Baby for the very first time.
more articles written by business owner here. 


Depending on the Weight/Size and any specialized treatment your baby may need whilst in an N.I.C.U has an influence on the clothing your baby needs. A very sick baby may only need a nappy and a small hat to help retain heat loss. An incubator regulates the correct temperature a very early baby needs a baby cannot regulate his/her body temperature so will also need a cotton or soft wool hat.


With the use of wires attached to baby�s head, even tubes attached to the umbilical area will restrict urgent access needed by the nurses so you can help by providing a side fastening baby vest with Velcro. Ask the nurses or consultants in case they need certain access to your baby before you get the rest of the family to rush around buying lots of premature baby clothes for your early baby.



At around 3 pounds in weight you can dress baby in a cotton baby grow/all in one with nappy or the Velcro fasting wraps or wrap over vests.


Don�t forget depending how sick your new baby is, depends when it is allowed home. These day�s babies are being sent home earlier than usual so you DONT need to rush around looking for fussy looking clothes to bring baby home in.


Bring your premature baby home in something Soft, Comfortable ,Cotton rich or Soft cotton, An all in one, simple Hat, Vest ,Socks, Cardigan and a Coat.

By adding several thin layers you can monitor your babys temperature removing or adding an extra item depending on the weather type outside.


Do not be alarmed but over heating can cause cot deaths.


Dont be tempted to buy lots and lots or premature baby clothes because your baby will gain weight ever so quickly they will soon be in the next size before you it.


When your baby is finally home you may want to dress baby in a little dress or baby boys outfit.

premature baby clothes for low birth weight babies. 
Written by business owner at Heaven and Hope
"Because Early Babies gain weight ever so quickly,their small sized outfits will be outgrown before you know it.You will find most of Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes prices are exceedingly lower than the high street and other websites so you will discover added savings on prem baby items.


" Oxygen level tests, blood tests,monitoring,xrays more tests, low birth weight babies are put through a lot and can be very distressed through it all.when baby is finally allowed home. Most of the tests will be over.
To help your Premature baby relax after the trauma and to develop a good sleeping pattern during the daytime or during the nght.Although we stock a full range of premature baby clothes we recommend a baby gro/all in one/onesie with a vest, nappy, socks, hat and cardigan for baby.
Your Premature Baby will not only benefit from maximum comfort and softness, but your Early Baby will be asleep most of the time for those first few weeks so clothes which are hard like denim wear should be avoided."
Our research team constantly monitor the sizing of the early baby clothes we stock.Any which are way to big are sent back. We cannot believe so many manufactuers guess their sizings.
Our own manufacturers are curently designing more and more prem to fit clothes for your early arrival. Check back regulary for new additions in our Something Precious premature baby department
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tell me about Premature babies

Premature baby research findings

The researchers found that in 2006, 78 out of every 1,000 babies were born weighing less than 5lb8oz (2.5kg). That amounted to a total of more than 50,000 babies.


In the Uk 1 in 13 babies are born pre - term (babies born before 38 weeks gestation).

. "The facts should shock us all. Britain has the worst rate of every country in western Europe, except Greece.

"And being born very small creates health risks throughout life - and will affect the health of babies they will themselves have years later."

Smallest premature baby....

see picture of a 10 week baby(fetus)


baby born at 16 weeks gestation alive and breathing by ambulance crew measuring 5 inches rang hospital so say arriving who replied we don't want it .it is classed as a miscarriage. sadly baby later died.

A girl born after just under 22 weeks in the womb - among the shortest gestation periods known for a live birth.Amillia Taylor, who weighed less than 10 ounces (283 grams)She has suffered respiratory and digestive problems, as well as a mild brain hemorrhage, but doctors believe the health concerns will not have major long-term effects.

In the US, where preemie babies aren't considered 'viable' until 23 weeks. But her desperate mother lied to doctors about how far gone she was, and Amillia is now the most premature baby to have ever survived.


Causes of Premature Baby Births

The following factors increases the risk of pre-term births such as:

Medical complications developed in pregnant women for example Diabetes,Pre-eclampsia. Maternal Stress, and infection. Smoking, Drug use, Drinking alcohol, A Poor diet.

3 groups of women are known to be at risk of giving birth prematurely:

 Women who are pregnant with twins, triplets or more

Women who have had a previous preterm birth

Women with certain uterine or cervical abnormalities.


"The facts should shock us all. Britain has the worst rate of every country in western Europe, except Greece.

"And being born very small creates health risks throughout life - and will affect the health of babies they will themselves have years later."

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