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keeping your children amused whilst in the car

A long car ride with the kids can quickly drive even the most patient person crazy. Keeping them busy throughout the car ride is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it keep them quiet but it also prevents them from making a mess of the car or fighting with one another in the small, enclosed space. It can be tough to deal with children fighting in the back seat while you are trying to drive or find an address. Keeping them entertained allows you to enjoy the trip in peace and quiet.

Before you leave home for your lengthy trip, browse the internet for printable car games that the kids can enjoy. Games like Bingo or Tic Tac Toe can be printed off in large quantities for the kids to play. There are a number of different card games as well for children that they might be interested in. If anything, it helps to have a large supply of different things so that when they tire of one, you have something else. Most kids will want to bring their favorite toy so make sure they remember to do that or you could be hearing about it throughout your entire trip.

Check your local department store for small games that are meant to be travel sized. You can often find games like Checkers in this form. They are very small and compact, easy to put away when the kids are done. Items that they can use for coloring and drawing are always a good idea. Just make sure to remember a hard book they can use as a sturdy surface.

Organize a fun scavenger hunt for the kids to play while they are in the car. Make a list of things that they have to watch for while they are passing through certain towns or locations. Have them check off each item to earn a variety of prizes like goodies or more games to play later. Get them interested in watching for certain landmarks so that they have something to look forward to.

There are other ways to keep your kids entertained as well. Consider things like Disney radio on satellite radio as one method. If you already have satellite radio then this is a station that should be programmed in your dial. It has a time dedicated to really small children as well as fun music for older kids. Portable DVD players and game systems are also a great idea, especially for incredibly long trips. It's understandable that kids get restless so be sure to schedule frequent rest stops.

Eye spy is a classic game that will keep young kids laughing and guessing. Guessing games are always a hit so Google some different ones before you head out. Browsing the internet for new ideas is a great way to find things you never would have thought of. Have the kids help make a list of their favorites. Car games makes the time go so much faster for kids. Keep them busy so you can enjoy yourself.

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