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The worst news in the world a Pregnant mum can recieve WARNING SENSITIVE MATERIAL !

(Sensitive Article for pregnant mums written by S Sudlow of Cheeky Chums).
A word of warning before any pregnant mum reads this important article.Sometimes reading too much baby information can be dangerous.We are allowing you to read this not to fill you head with worry but to give you a basic awareness what some mums have to face up to when they first find out they are pregnant.A major shock that can have a devastating impact for you and your family.
By giving you this news which we feel you should know about so that if you too are told some dreadful news you can remember this article and have the knowledge at your fingertips straight away. without doctors messing around with news they don't know how to tell you.Or making you so scared the outcome looks so bleak it puts terror in your minds and leaving you with only one way out an abortion!!!
This is not the case. we are presenting you with some information first before any doctors tells you bad news. To give you an insight before hand and tell you the other options so you do not later make the mistake of having a termination.
Have your heard of Anencephaly it is a congenital birth defect that occurs in approximately one in one thousand pregnancies. It is a neural tube defect, just as is spina bifida. Life expectancy for a baby with anencephaly after birth is just a few hours, sometimes a few days at most.
As the malformation is usually detected during a pre-natal scan, parents are confronted with a choice between life and can click on this link to find out more about this condition.By carrying the baby to term you can spend some quality time with your wanted baby until it finally passes away at baby's own time. You can give it love, treasure memories , moments which can last a lifetime rather than getting rid of the baby early and not knowing your baby at can click on this link to find out more about this condition.
Find support groups here
What is Trisomy 13 ?
Trisomy 13 is a chromosomal abnormality. It is also known as Patau Syndrome. It is one of many chromosomal abnormalities which have been identified. One which everyone knows of is Downs Syndrome, which is similar, but less serious.
The abnormalities in these syndromes are caused by an extra chromosome being transferred to the fetus during initial development. Normally, 23 chromosomes from the father, and 23 from the mother, combine to 'create' the child. In these cases an extra copy of one of the chromosomes (in Anastasia's case, the 13th) is added, giving a total of 47, instead of 46. This causes abnormal development in the womb.
Trisomy 13 babies usually don't have a long life, 70% pass away within 7 months of birth. Many are still-born, or miscarry. The children who last past a year usually only live for another year or two. Only one recorded case has lived past childhood.
Common abnormalities include badly formed, or damaged brain structure, heart defects, cleft lip and palette, unformed, or badly formed, eyes and ears, Simian crease (frowning brow), twisted limbs, etc
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