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Trying hard to keep your children fit?

Keeping Kids Fit – Tips and Ideas

By: Alice & Mila

It’s no secret that children aren’t as active as they used to be. As concerned parents we want our kids to be active and healthy but it isn’t always easy to get the kids out there and moving when all they’d rather do is watch TV.

Here are a few kid fitness ideas to help you get started:

Allow time for free play. The things children often do with their friends are great forms of physical activity. Building a snowman, riding bikes around the neighborhood, or playing a game on the playground are excellent ways to keep their bodies healthy while having a great time.

Focus on activity instead of exercise. There are many children who don’t necessarily enjoy team sports and cringe when they hear the word exercise. Use what your child is interested in to get them involved in physical activity. If your son loves to read, take a bike ride to your local library. If your daughter enjoys nature, go for a walk to collect leaves, sticks, and other items to make a collage. Your child may be having so much fun that she may not realize that she is getting exercise! After all, getting your child up and moving is the important part, and it doesn’t have to come by way of a structured exercise class or organized sport.

Make it a family affair. Find physical activities that your whole family can enjoy together. Whether it is taking a bike ride after dinner or playing a game of basketball in the driveway, there are many opportunities for you to enjoy some family time and be physically active as well. Just as family members often sit down to watch a television show together, making the time to get some exercise together contributes to the well-being of your entire family.

Schedule it. People are more likely to stick with something if they make it a part of their regular routine. Physical activity is no different. Schedule in at least one block of time during the day where your child is participating in a physical activity. It could include playing catch in the backyard or going swimming with a friend (or better yet—with a parent!). Mark it down on your daily to-do list and make a decision to stick to it. It’s important for your child to have physical activity built in as part of her daily routine and can have lifelong benefits.

Encouraging your child to participate in physical activities he enjoys (and that you can enjoy together) on a regular basis is important. By making physical activity a priority, your child can cultivate healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

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