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problems for children with headlice

What you donít know about head lice products can seriously harm your child.

By: Mary and Frank De Luca

You comb through your childís hair hoping you donít find anything and suddenly you realize, your child is one of the children who have lice. Out to the drug store you go to pick up those expensive head lice solutions. The smelly products come with plastic gloves but you donít put the connection together that maybe itís because of the potential danger chemicals.

You pour the smelly solution all over your childís head and slowly comb through looking for nits that have to be physically removed from each strand of hair. They are so small, how can you possibly see every one. You know if you leave just one, that egg will hatch and your child will still have head lice.

As you child is squirming around complaining of the smell, you decide to read the box. You realize the chemicals in this product can cause dangerous skin reactions. You also realize that the product doesnít protect your child from any unborn nits which if left within the hair, will hatch and could be immune to the effects of this chemical solution that has been poured all over your childís head.

Did you now that by using this product, you have increased the risk of your child developing leukemia? If I had known that, I can say for sure, I would have never, ever brought home this dangerous chemical and poured it onto my childís head.

There just has to be a better way, and there is. At we offer a head lice solution that not only kills live lice on contact, but removes the glue that holds the nits to the hair and dissolves the egg through an enzymatic reaction so they slide out into the sink. No picking through the hair. No chemical smell! Your child can go back to school immediately, ANDÖ the large 8 oz bottle provides up to 16 applications so you can share it with the whole family! Safe enough to use on infants and seniors, Licenex is a completely safe and effective solution.

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