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G.C.P Part 3 Food and Drink for your New Baby

Good Care Practices food and drink.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY Sheila Sudlow of Cheeky Chums.

New mums

When you are finally home with your baby you will find it hard at first to get into a stable routine with your baby. You may feel overwhelmed as the nurses won’t be around to give you a helping hand until your next midwife visit so you have to learn from scratch how to get into a routine. A baby will cry when hungry, thirsty, tired, wet and feeling uncomfortable, needs cuddles needs rest or play. You as a parent will learn to differentiate between each cry and what it could suggest, for example a whimpering cry could suggest a poorly baby. Or baby make awake and start to cry gently as if to say I'm getting hungry.

This is how baby will communicate with you until he/she begins to speak and is able to talk to you and tell you when they are hungry or thirsty etc


If your are breast feeding and have started to feed baby regularly as your milk starts to come in a few days later if baby has slept longer than usual you may notice your breast becoming rather heavy overflowing with milk As they prepare for baby’s next feed and if baby is still asleep it is a good sign to think” ah yes baby is due for his /her next feed”


When you are bottle feeding preparing baby’s bottles for the day and storing in the fridge will enable you to feed baby before you end up screaming saying “hang on hang on mummy coming and rushing around to make baby a feed at the last minute”. Baby can become so distressed they may refuse a feed if they have been left to cry for too long and you could end up at your wits end thinking baby is hungry but won’t take a feed.


After you have fed and winded baby and put him/her down. Don’t be tempted to leaving bottle hanging around rinse with cold water if you want to wash them all at once later as left over milk will curdle and go green moldy if left in baby’s bottle until the day after. Get into the habit of rinse, wash with bottle brush, salt and rinse teats thoroughly in cold water then place in sterilizer. Baby scan develop stomach problems if bottles are not cleaned properly and end up with a problem called gastroenteritis.
(p.s. when using salt to clean the babys bottle teats remove all traces on salt in the rinseing process as salt can kill babies)
Use a knife to level of each scoop of baby food power. never pack the food into the scoop and always add water to the bottle first never the other way round as it can cause constipation, plus food will not mixed to the correct consitency.


You can give bottle fed babies cooled boiled water to drink if baby seems thirsty in a baby’s bottle. Never give juice in a bottle it rots teeth even new ones.
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