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employing a nanny for your children do the background checks

Parents working hire nannies for their children. A nanny is someone who takes care of the children through the day in the absence of the parents. At times parents hire nannies for full time service even when the parents are around. During that time the nannies have to take care of all things of the child. She has to wash the child's clothes and dishes and keep his things properly.
It is important that the parents conduct a background check of the nanny before hiring her. This is very important because an outsider will be taking care of the child and it is important that she has not history. Most of the times,
Nannies In London are appointed via an agency. In such cases the agency already has a record of the nanny. It is important that parents appoint nannies form trusted agencies. They should have all records pertaining to the nanny and should also check upon the reputation of the agency. The nanny must be asked to submit all the documents in original. At least one document must have a photograph. The documents must be in original. They should then be compared with the job application to check it validity. Parents appointing nannies must then do a proper background check. They should start of with checking the chronology of work and education. If any gap is noticed in the chronology, it must be questioned. Work experience must be checked. It is imperative to get a feedback from the former employer about the work of the nanny. It is also important to know the reason for leaving the previous job. Nannies approach for jobs via references. It is important to verify these references. This can be done by using a professional reference checking service. A third party can also be used which is common to both the reference and you. This will help in verifying the reference.
The nanny must submit all her records with full name and address. This will help the employer to check up for criminal records. Criminal records from various jurisdictions can be checked up. Nanny candidates who have moved from one place to another many times will need to have a through criminal record check. This can be done by requesting record check from different states. If the nanny has to drive the children around, she should submit a proper driver's license.

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