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cheeky chums uk cheap premature baby clothes

Cheap premature baby clothes so tiny for neonatal units, uk retailor for prem babies.

 Who are Cheeky Chums ?

Cheeky Chums is a family run business located in the united kingdom. Established in 2005 it commenced selling mum to be bundles then progressed onto selling premature baby clothes as an online retailor. In 2007 it saw the need for realistic sizes of premature baby wear and so launched an additional manufacturing side too. The business owner taught herself to sew and bought some sewing machines she couldnt knit professionally so likes to get other UK hand knitters to provide tiny baby cardigans, Hats, Mittens and Bootees to keep it British. If you can provide affordable garments in prem baby sizes send Cheeky Chums a sample of your work its always nice to have a fresh new knitter on board.

how big is the range of premature baby clothes from Cheeky Chums in the UK

You name an item of tiny babies clothing and Cheeky Chums will most likely have it for the early baby.
Cheeky Chums online are a UK based premature baby clothes retailer and manufacturer. The cutest and most tiniest of clothing is stocked. A premature baby clothes superstore with delicious choices galore all on one website.you could nip to a supermarket and you may find a small selection of tiny baby clothes, but you wont find the unusual items like micro sized neonatal scratch mittens or eeeny meeny very tiny prem baby socks. Most of the items are unique here exclusive to Cheeky Chums. Cheeky Chums is the one to go to when you need something different to what all the other tiny babies are wearing in hospital. There is nothing worse than finding identical clothes on the baby in the next incubator without the precious individuality they deserve.or using hospital handouts in too big sizes in some colours you would never dream of letting your baby wear.need a warm baby girls snowsuit no problem ? click here to start browsing now

smallest neonatal clothes for tiny babies born too soon in micro premature sizes

colourful neonatal clothesCheeky Chums have the most beautiful neonatal range baby wear in soft fabrics. gorgeous little boys, little girls and unisex prints bringing a colourful and most talked about range clothes again that's you can only get from them. There are a fantastic choice of over 70 different tiny baby headbands to match for the little girls dresses too. Imagine a different headband for you baby girl every day of the week now that's amazing !

what sizes of premature baby clothes do Cheeky Chums online have ? 

Cheeky Chums online stock premature baby clothes for babies born too soon, incubator wear for the neonatal intensive care units start from 24 weeks gestation  ie 0-1lb and upwards. Depending on the hospital and the level of intensive care that baby gets determines the wider range of outfits that these tiny babies will wear. The incubator provides the warmth so babies this small in the NICU wont wear a full set of clothes yet. As a baby reaches around 2lb in weight and wearing more layers of clothing the stock at Cheeky Chums gets wider and bigger in variety.

Cheeky Chums have their own range neonatal baby clothes by Nanny Nicu hand made in the UK in scrumptious soft fabrics in delightful cute prints you wont find elsewhere in the local baby shops. So sought after there is a week waiting list due to being handmade.
Although established in 2005 the range gets better each year as exciting fabrics are sourced to make sure even the tiniest of prem babies get the trendiest and most fashionable prints to wear. click HERE to see the latest styles premature baby hat and mitten gift sets for boys so cute I'm sure you will agree

need a tiny baby gift for a boy but not sure what to buy ? what about a snuggly prem babies cardigan to add a layer of warmth to a baby boys sleepsuit click here to see whats new

Opening times and customer services

Cheeky Chums post Monday to Friday and for your convenience the telephone line is open 10 am until 11pm at night in case you have a question or two that needs answering there and then.emails are checked every hour and replied too asap and the Facebook page is also available, so there are lots of online ways to contact them easily too. need a tip on how to get baby to sleep ?or how to potty train a toddler follow Cheeky Chums Blog HERE and type a question at the top nearly every topic you can think of on babies is covered.The business owner of Cheeky Chums has over 25 years as a qualified nursery nurse who writes about babies on there.  

how long have Cheeky chums been trading ?

13 years it will be in April 2018.very established and also supplies hospitals in the UK special clothing in micro premature sizes less than 1lb in weight 500 gram truly tiny arnt they ?

premature baby clothes shoppingFeedback off other customers.....
customers who bought Cheeky Chums premature baby clothes had this to say...

Michelle Clayton Thursday, September 27, 2018
I really can’t tell you how much I appreciated the beautiful outfit you made for our little boy George who was born at 22weeks. I made all the difference being able to dress him and know that he would be warm. So thank you so much for you hard work. Best wishes Michelle

Steven Smith Thursday, September 27, 2018
Wow absolutely beautiful clothing, item was awesome and great delivery time would highly recommend, beautiful item for a delicate situation.

anna Saturday, August 12, 2017
thankyou making it in the size I needed I really do appreciate it thanks anna

We cannot thank you enough for the most precious baby clothes you so carefully made for our little angel who was born sleeping September 2016. It meant so much to us to bury our son wearing beautiful clothing and what you were able to make was simply perfect. We are eternally grateful for your hard work; we know it can't have been easy making clothing for such a tiny baby who we had lost at 20 weeks but they were simply perfect as were the tiny little teddy bears we bought. One we put with baby and one we kept. Sorry for the delay in thanking you. ??

smallest prem baby clothes


smallest prem babies clothing ever made

The sizes of premature baby clothes have got even smaller too, being the only uk business that offers all you need to dress with dignity, little babies born sleeping. born smaller than 22 weeks gestation. the bereavement section of our website is full to the brim with choices galore too.

Dear cheeky chums..what size baby bereavement clothes do you start at for babies weighing less than 1lb ?

Answer ... the smallest full outfit in baby bereavement clothing on the website starts from 16 weeks gestation click here to see boys   unisex or the girls baby bereavement clothes.


pay for your premature baby clothes by credit card or paypal

its easy peasy lemon squeezy.offering a secure, online gateway to add your credit or debit card details including American express cards.


 PayPal if you have never used used it before no problem, you do not have to have an account.You add your credit or debit card details and it processes payments for you.

If you do have a PayPal account its even simpler just login with your PayPal details instead.

OFFLINEhelpful staff on hand if you prefer to ring our office to order your premature baby clothes instead.  We now offer invoices sent to your email to simply pay using any debit / credit card.

open Mon - Sat 10am-11pm +0044 01942 254259 


Contact details... Tel Office 07715218314 10am-11pm MON-FRI 

Head Office for Tiny premature baby clothes at
Cheeky Chums 49 broadway Hindley Wigan Lancs uk WN2 4JP.
V.A.T. reg Number 986257076

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Premature babies clothes for tiny baby bereavement stocked here too for babies under 3lb in weight