tiny premature infants born at 24 weeks

premature infants born at 24 weeks

Although some tiny infants born at 23 weeks and + days pull through premature infants are classed as viable are at 24 weeks.

Babies born as early as this do have arough ride and one family wanted to express their experiences of how a 24 week old premature baby came into their lives earlier than expected.

Our Pinterest pages has  photos of premature infants born from 22 and 24 weeks gestation you can see them here

We are two ladies who have both experienced a premature birth. Our babies were born at 24 Weeks - plus either two or three days, which is why we called our Charity "24 Weeks Plus" Although our name would suggest we only offer support to parents or families of babies born at 24 Weeks +, this couldn't be further from the truth. We offer support to anyone who is experiencing or has experienced a premature birth regardless of gestation

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